Suhas Subramanyam, Rajesh Mohan, Indian-AmericansIndian-Americans in US Congress grow
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The “Samosa Caucus,” comprising Indian-Americans in the US Congress, may soon welcome a new member with Suhas Subramanyam’s victory in Virginia’s Democratic primaries. Subramanyam emerged victorious in a competitive race backed by retiring House member Jennifer Wexton, securing a safe Democratic seat in the suburbs of Washington.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, Indian-American Rajesh Mohan clinched the Republican ticket for a House seat in a strongly Democratic constituency, setting the stage for a challenging general election.

Currently, the “Samosa Caucus” includes five Democratic members: Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, Raja Krishnamoorthi, and Shri Thanedar. Suhas Subramanyam, a 37-year-old lawyer and former technology advisor to President Obama, adds to the caucus’s diversity with his background in cybersecurity and public service, including roles in the Virginia General Assembly and State Senate.

Rajesh Mohan, a cardiologist educated in Delhi, faces an uphill battle in New Jersey, where Democratic dominance poses a formidable obstacle despite his primary victory.

The primaries also saw challenges for other Indian-American candidates, such as Ravinder Singh Bhalla in New Jersey and Susheela Jayapal in Oregon, reflecting broader ideological contests within the Democratic Party.

Stay tuned for updates on these races as Indian-Americans continue to make strides in US politics, shaping the “Samosa Caucus” and influencing national discourse.

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