Hawk Tuah girl’s comment on Trump sparked a feud between Laura Loomer and Bill Ackman; Elon Musk reacted.Hawk Tuah girl’s comment on Trump sparked a feud between Laura Loomer and Bill Ackman; Elon Musk reacted.
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Haily Welch, famously known as the Hawk Tuah girl, stepped into the spotlight once more, this time on Brianna Lapagila’s Plan Bri Uncut podcast. Her candid remarks during a quiz segment about former US President Donald Trump ignited a firestorm on social media, leading to a heated exchange between Laura Loomer and Bill Ackman, with even Elon Musk chiming in.

Hawk Tuah Girl’s Revelation

During the podcast, Welch participated in a playful segment called “Hawk Tuah or nah,” where she was asked various questions. When prompted about Donald Trump, Welch humorously replied, “It’s a no for me,” sparking immediate reactions across social media platforms.

The Social Media Fallout

Laura Loomer, a prominent political activist, took to X to criticize Welch’s comment, accusing her of being anti-Trump and questioning her credibility. This post from Loomer quickly caught the attention of Bill Ackman, a billionaire hedge fund manager, who disputed Loomer’s interpretation, stating that Welch’s response didn’t necessarily indicate her political stance.

Laura Loomer vs. Bill Ackman

The disagreement escalated as Loomer doubled down, asserting her initial interpretation despite Ackman’s clarification. Ackman, however, maintained his stance and suggested that Loomer reconsider her judgment. Their exchange became a focal point on social media, drawing significant attention and commentary.

Elon Musk’s Light-hearted Reaction

In the midst of the social media frenzy, Elon Musk, known for his quirky social media presence, joined the conversation with a humorous twist. Musk reacted to the thread with a laughing emoji, adding an element of levity to the heated debate between Loomer and Ackman.


The incident involving Haily Welch’s comment on Donald Trump serves as a reminder of how quickly social media can amplify opinions and spark controversy. As debates unfold online, public figures like Laura Loomer and Bill Ackman provide contrasting perspectives, while figures like Elon Musk inject humor into the discourse.

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