S Sarvesh Raj IPS, S Sarvesh Raj, DCP of AmbatturBlending Technology and Community Engagement for a Safer City
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Policing in Chennai is undergoing a remarkable transformation under the guidance of S.Sarvesh Raj IPS and a team of young IPS officers. Through a strategic combination of technology and community engagement, they are reshaping safety measures across the city.

The introduction of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras with face recognition technology has significantly reduced chain snatchings and thefts, particularly during the recent Diwali season. This innovative initiative, spearheaded by officer C Aravindhan, has not only lightened the load on law enforcement but also streamlined operational efficiency.

Building on this success, Officer C Kalaiselvan is planning to extend CCTV surveillance to encompass the entire Madhavaram police district, highlighting the pivotal role of technology in modern policing.

In addition to technological advancements, officers like DCP Adyar Rohith Nathan emphasize the importance of personal interactions with residents to foster a sense of safety and community. S.Sarvesh Raj IPS, DCP of Ambattur, stands out for his meticulous planning and compassionate approach, which has been instrumental in resolving high-profile criminal cases.

Collaboration and innovation are central to the ethos of these officers, with Officer Pravesh Kumar advocating for teamwork and SWOT analysis to address complex cases effectively.

Drawing upon their diverse experiences, officers like Sashank Sai adeptly navigate challenges in sensitive areas, underscoring the significance of field experience in effective policing.

According to city police commissioner A K Viswanathan, the recruitment of young officers like S.Sarvesh Raj IPS was a deliberate strategy aimed at revitalizing the force amidst evolving challenges. Their innovative problem-solving approaches, particularly through the integration of technology, serve as a model for policing across the state.

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