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Pakistani national Seema Haider recently made headlines after coming to India via Nepal to marry Sachin Meena, who she fell in love with while playing on PUBG.

The Mumbai police have launched a hunt for a person who sent a message and threatened to repeat a “26/11-like terrorist attack” if Pakistani national Seema Ghulam Haider, who came illegally to India to be with a man she fell in love with, does not go back to her country.

The police suspect it could be a hoax call, but are trying to trace the sender of the threat message.

The Greater Noida police had arrested Haider earlier this month for entering India in violation of immigration laws along with Sachin Meena, 22, and his father for sheltering her. The three have been granted bail by a court.

She had met Meena and fell in love through the gaming platform PUBG three years ago.

Haider, a resident of Rind Hajana village in Pakistan’s Sindh province, had allegedly entered India illegally via Nepal with her four children to be with Meena. She had been staying in Greater Noida’s Rabupura area, along with her children, without a valid visa for around a month with Meena.

Sources in the Mumbai police said the traffic police control room Wednesday received a WhatsApp message on their helpline number from an unknown number, which started with a country code of +1(929).

The suspect, who pretended to be a Pakistani, had sent the threat message in Urdu. “If Seema Haider does not return, then India will be destroyed. Prepare yourself for the return of the 26/11 like (terrorist) attack. And the government of Uttar Pradesh will be responsible for this,” said the message.

The Mumbai police have also informed their counterparts in Uttar Pradesh and are looking for the suspect. No case has been registered yet, said officials.

Haider has been suspected to be an agent of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI over the suspicious circumstances of her entry to India and her past life. However, the couple has categorically denied the allegations.

Before this, a Pakistan-based group of dacoits had issued a threat to India and Hindus residing in their country.

In the video, the Baloch dacoits had threatened that if Haider is not sent back to her hometown, there will be bloodshed. In the video, which had gone viral on social media, the dacoits could be heard saying they will rape and kill Hindus living in Pakistan if she is not returned.

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