Mumbai: BEST Buses Take Alternate Routes Due to Grand Pandal InstallationsPandal Installations Disrupt BEST Bus Routes in Mumbai.
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Pandal installations disrupt Mumbai’s BEST bus routes, causing delays for commuters during festivals. Routes diverted and curtailed due to grand celebrations.

In a series of temporary disruptions, several BEST bus routes in Mumbai have been diverted owing to the massive pandal installations that have sprung up along key roadways.

Commuters were left facing unexpected delays as transport authorities grappled with the situation.

Independence Day celebrations in Mulund (W) witnessed the first of these incidents, as two major bus routes, namely 302 and 307, were diverted from their regular paths along JN road. An official report indicates that the joyous festivities necessitated this diversion, providing a unique experience for both commuters and revelers alike.

In a separate occurrence, commuters traveling on route numbers 608 and 612 faced curtailments in service at Pratap Nagar in Bhandup. This inconvenience stemmed from the ongoing Ganapati pandal work that had encroached upon a significant portion of the road.

According to a spokesperson, this restriction would last until the end of the Ganesh celebration early next month, allowing Mumbai residents to enjoy the beauty of this captivating pandal.

These changes to BEST bus routes serve as a tribute to Mumbai’s ever-evolving landscape and its devotion to celebrating traditions in luxury as the city prepares for an extended period of holiday fever. Mumbai residents may anticipate a combination of culture and comfort in the months to come with the Ganesh celebration just around the corner.

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