Yuvraj Singh called out Shreyas Iyer after the Indian batters scripted an unwanted record at the ODI World Cup in Chennai on Sunday
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In a nail-biting encounter between India and Australia at the ICC World Cup 2023, India’s top-order faced a disastrous collapse, leading to an unexpected crisis. Rohit Sharma’s men found themselves in a dire situation, teetering at 2-3 in 1.6 overs, creating an unwanted record for the World Cup hosts. Legendary cricketer Yuvraj Singh didn’t mince his words, specifically calling out Shreyas Iyer for his performance and decision-making during the crucial match.

Taking to social media, Yuvraj Singh expressed his disappointment, highlighting the crucial role of the No. 4 batsman in India’s lineup. He stressed the importance of absorbing pressure and criticized Iyer’s decision-making under duress. Yuvraj also questioned the batting order, suggesting that the in-form KL Rahul should have been sent in earlier. Notably, this match marked the first instance in ODI history where three of India’s top-four batters were dismissed for a duck.

Yuvraj’s comments, however, took a turn of accuracy as he predicted that dropping Virat Kohli might prove costly for Australia. Kohli, who had a lifeline after a dropped catch, seized the opportunity, delivering a stellar performance. He smashed 85 runs off 116 balls, steering India toward an incredible comeback. Alongside him, Rahul’s unbeaten 97 (off 115 balls) played a crucial role in India’s six-wicket victory against the five-time world champions.

Acknowledging Kohli’s exceptional innings, Yuvraj Singh praised the former skipper for his remarkable display under pressure, describing him as “King Kohli at his best.” Kohli’s outstanding performance set the stage for India’s successful World Cup campaign, with a convincing win against Australia in their opening match.

India’s next challenge awaits as they face Afghanistan in match No. 9 of the ICC World Cup at Arun Jaitley Stadium, offering cricket fans another thrilling encounter to look forward to.

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