The incident took place at Vipul Greens apartment complex in Gurugram
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Gurugram: A horrifying incident unfolded in Gurugram as a 59-year-old woman lost her life after being stabbed by her mentally-ill son, who subsequently set their apartment ablaze. The 27-year-old man, reportedly suffering from mental health issues, attacked his mother allegedly because she called him “mad.” Authorities have taken him into custody pending further investigation.

Ranu Shah resided with her husband and son in Vipul Greens, an upscale apartment complex in Sector 48 of Gurugram. Her son, Atrish, had been undergoing treatment for mental illness, and neighbors revealed he frequently engaged in disputes with his parents.

Late into the night, residents noticed flames engulfing the Shahs’ flat. Emergency services, including firefighters and police, swiftly responded to the distress call. Upon breaking into the apartment, they rescued Ms. Shah, who sustained severe burn injuries. Despite being rushed to a nearby private hospital, she tragically succumbed to her wounds.

Preliminary investigations by the police indicate that Atrish often experienced agitation and would resort to attacking his mother. The fatal altercation reportedly occurred when Ms. Shah referred to her son as “mad,” triggering his violent outburst. Subsequently, the assailant repeatedly stabbed his mother before setting their home on fire. Notably, Ms. Shah’s husband was absent during the tragic incident.

Senior police officer Mayank Gupta has emphasized the need to evaluate the mental health condition of the perpetrator before determining the course of the investigation. The authorities, as reported by the Times of India, are considering various factors before proceeding with the case.

The heart-wrenching incident underscores the challenges faced by families dealing with mental health issues and highlights the importance of providing adequate support and resources for those affected.

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