Pune accident, Pune Porsche car accident, pune porsche accidentDrunk Teen Driver Kills Two
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In the early hours of today, an ambulance arrived in Birsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh’s Umaria district, bearing the body of 24-year-old Aneesh Awadhiya. The young IT engineer, who had been working in Pune, was one of two victims killed when a speeding Porsche, driven by a drunk teen, collided with their bike.

Family members of Aneesh were devastated as the ambulance doors opened. Atmaram Awadhiya, Aneesh’s grandfather, expressed his anguish, condemning the bail granted to the teen driver, the son of a prominent Pune realtor. “Two people have died in this accident. This is completely wrong. We want strict punishment. The bail granted to the accused should be cancelled,” he demanded.

Aneesh and his friend, Ashwini Koshta, also an IT engineer, were returning from a get-together late on Saturday. Around 2:15 am, their bike was struck from behind by a speeding Porsche. Both young engineers died instantly. The driver, just shy of 18, was granted bail by a Pune court within 15 hours under certain conditions: writing a 300-word essay on accidents, working with the traffic police for 15 days, and undergoing counseling for his drinking habit. This swift bail decision has sparked widespread outrage.

Pune police had requested the court to try the teen as an adult, but the plea was rejected. They now plan to appeal to the sessions court. Meanwhile, the teen’s father has been arrested.

Back in Birsinghpur, Aneesh’s family is shattered by the tragic loss. Relatives were seen hugging each other and weeping. His uncle, Akhilesh Awadhiya, insisted, “The accused, a minor, was drunk and driving at 240 km per hour. He did not have a driving license. This is murder, not an accident.”

Simultaneously, the body of Ashwini Koshta reached her home in Jabalpur. Her family is equally outraged over the bail and has vowed to seek justice. “We are in shock. It is condemnable that he got bail in 15 hours. He and his parents should be investigated. We will discuss the matter once Ashwini’s last rites are over,” said her uncle Jugal Kishor Koshta. “She had so many dreams, she wanted to excel in life and make her parents proud. We cannot express our grief.”

Ashwini’s uncle Sachin Bokde added, “We want his bail cancelled. Because of him, an innocent girl, who had seen nothing of life, has died.”

This tragic incident has ignited calls for stricter punishment and justice for the victims, highlighting the devastating consequences of reckless and drunk driving.

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