Lok Sabha Speaker election, Om Birla Elected New Speaker, Om BirlaParliamentary Handshake
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Today in Parliament, a rare moment of camaraderie unfolded as Om Birla was re-elected as Lok Sabha Speaker, followed by smiles and handshakes between rivals Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. However, the harmony was fleeting. After Mr. Birla mentioned the “dark days of Emergency” and called for a two-minute silence, chaos erupted in the House.

Prime Minister Modi praised Mr. Birla’s leadership and expressed optimism for the upcoming term, highlighting the Speaker’s role in maintaining decorum and fostering cooperation.

Rahul Gandhi, now Leader of the Opposition, congratulated Mr. Birla but underscored the importance of allowing the Opposition’s voice to be heard, stressing that democracy thrives on debate and dissent.

The Speaker’s reference to the Emergency anniversary sparked controversy, with some Opposition leaders criticizing the timing and divisive nature of the statement. The House was adjourned amidst uproar.

This election marked only the third time the Lok Sabha Speaker was elected post-Independence, with Mr. Birla securing a majority despite Opposition contention. The debate over the Deputy Speaker’s appointment remains unresolved, reflecting ongoing tensions between the government and Opposition.

As discussions continue, the Parliament grapples with balancing historical awareness and contemporary governance challenges.

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