His murder would have remained unsolved for years but for a perceptive policeman who noticed his dyed moustache.His murder would have remained unsolved for years but for a perceptive policeman who noticed his dyed moustache.
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In the bustling city of Mumbai, amidst its daily grind, sometimes the most mundane details lead to the unraveling of the most heinous crimes. One such instance occurred in 2010 when the Mumbai police cracked a chilling murder case involving severed body parts dumped in a garbage yard.

The Gruesome Discovery

It was a rainy morning on July 31, 2010, when a routine garbage collection at Kurla dumping yard turned into a grim discovery. Among the heaps of waste, a JCB operator and a ragpicker stumbled upon a shocking sight—a severed hand protruding from a blue bag. This grisly find prompted immediate action from the Kurla police and the local Crime Branch.

Piecing Together the Puzzle

As the investigation unfolded, more body parts—a hand, two legs, and a head—were unearthed from the dumping ground. However, the torso was conspicuously missing, complicating the identification process. Initial efforts to identify the victim through missing persons reports proved futile.

A Crucial Clue Emerges

Amidst the forensic examination, an observant investigator noted a peculiar detail about the severed head—the moustache was jet black, starkly contrasting with a salt-and-pepper beard. This anomaly suggested that the victim had recently dyed his moustache, leading investigators to focus on local salons.

Tracking the Culprits

After combing through numerous salons in the vicinity, investigators struck gold when employees at a salon in Kurla identified the victim as Kamruddin. He had recently visited their establishment, getting his beard shaved and moustache dyed—a distinctive detail that provided a breakthrough in the case.

Further inquiries led the police to Kamruddin’s residence in Dharavi’s Social Nagar, where they uncovered compelling evidence implicating two suspects, Mohammed Firoz Anwar Sheikh and Khurshid Alam Sheikh. The discovery of blood stains and a hidden chopper in their room corroborated their involvement in the crime.

Motive Unraveled

According to Mohammed’s confession, the murder stemmed from a dispute over a stolen mobile phone. Kamruddin, a fellow migrant from Bihar, allegedly provoked Mohammed by stealing his phone, leading to a fatal altercation fueled by resentment and anger.

Conclusion: Justice Prevails

The tragic fate of Kamruddin, once a worker on film sets, highlights the vulnerabilities faced by migrants in urban centers. His murder, initially hidden amidst Mumbai’s bustling streets, was ultimately solved through meticulous police work and community cooperation.

This case serves as a poignant reminder of how even the smallest clues can unravel the darkest mysteries, bringing closure to families and justice to victims.

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