The BJP is the biggest party in the upper house with 19 MLCs.The BJP is the biggest party in the upper house with 19 MLCs.
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In a significant development, the Maharashtra government is contemplating holding an election for the chairperson of the legislative council, a position that has remained vacant for nearly two years. The decision was deliberated upon during a recent cabinet meeting, emphasizing the urgency of filling this crucial role before the upcoming assembly elections.

Current Legislative Council Dynamics

The legislative council currently comprises 78 members, with 27 seats vacant. For a candidate to secure victory in the election for council chairperson, approximately 26 votes are needed in the 51-member legislative council.

Political Contenders and Considerations

Key figures from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including Ram Shinde, Pravin Darekar, and Niranjan Davkhare, are prominent contenders for the chairperson’s role, should the government proceed with the election. This decision, however, is not linked to the impending assembly elections but rather stems from the necessity to fill the long-standing vacancy with an apt candidate.

Legislative Timeline and Procedures

According to a senior minister, discussions in the cabinet underscored the importance of expediting the election process. The proposal to conduct the election must be forwarded to the governor for approval, marking a pivotal step in the legislative procedure.

The urgency to address this vacancy comes amidst ongoing legal proceedings concerning the appointment of 12 members to the legislative council by the governor, with a hearing scheduled after the conclusion of the current monsoon session of the state legislature on July 18.

Strategic Political Alignment

With the BJP holding the largest share of seats in the upper house (19 MLCs), along with support from allies such as the Shiv Sena and NCP, as well as independent members, the coalition is well-positioned to secure the necessary votes for their preferred candidate.


The deliberations within the Maharashtra cabinet highlight a proactive approach to governance, aiming to ensure continuity and effective leadership within the legislative council. Stay tuned for further updates as the election process unfolds and its implications for the state’s political landscape become clearer.

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