Mumbai draws water from seven lakes — Tulsi, Vihar, Bhatsa, Modak Sagar, Tansa Upper Vaitarna and Middle Vaitarna.Mumbai draws water from seven lakes — Tulsi, Vihar, Bhatsa, Modak Sagar, Tansa Upper Vaitarna and Middle Vaitarna.
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The recent spell of moderate to heavy rains in Mumbai and the surrounding Metropolitan Region (MMR) has significantly replenished the city’s water reservoirs. As per the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the water stock across all seven lakes that supply Mumbai’s water has surged by nearly four percent within just 24 hours.

Water Stock Update:

  • On Sunday morning, the combined water stock in Mumbai’s lakes reached 14.52%, up from 10.8% recorded the previous day.
  • This rapid increase prompted BMC officials to halt the use of emergency water reserves, marking the highest single-day rise this season.

Weather Forecast:

  • The weather department forecasts light to moderate rainfall to persist in Mumbai until July 10, further aiding water replenishment efforts.

Recent Water Levels:

  • Over the past week, water levels in the lakes rose from 5.46% on June 30 to 14.52% on Sunday, amounting to approximately 2.10 lakh million litres.
  • Despite the recent rise, current water stocks remain lower than those of the same period in the past two years (18.76% in 2023 and 19.08% in 2022 by July 7).

Key Lakes and Rainfall Data:

  • Significant rainfall was recorded across various catchment areas:
    • Bhatsa Lake: 237 mm rainfall, current water content 12.63%.
    • Tansa Lake: 120 mm rainfall, current water content 28.62%.
    • Modak Sagar Lake: 80 mm rainfall.
    • Upper Vaitarna: 63 mm rainfall.
    • Middle Vaitarna: 48 mm rainfall.
    • Vihar Lake: 26 mm rainfall.
    • Tulsi Lake: 32 mm rainfall.

Impact on Water Supply:

  • BMC officials estimate that each percent increase in water stock can sustain Mumbai’s water needs for approximately three days.
  • Prior to the recent surge, BMC had been utilizing emergency water reserves due to depleting lake levels.

Weather Observations:

  • Rainfall data from IMD indicates 24 mm at Santacruz and 61 mm at Colaba coastal observatory till Sunday morning.
  • BMC’s automatic weather system recorded 47.51 mm in the island city, 36.23 mm in the eastern suburbs, and 19.6 mm in the western suburbs.

Regional Alerts:

  • Ratnagiri district, under a yellow alert, received 146 mm rainfall by Sunday morning.
  • IMD has issued yellow alerts for Thane, Raigad, Sindhudurg, and Ratnagiri districts until Wednesday.

The recent rainfall not only provides relief from water scarcity but also underscores the importance of sustainable water management amidst Mumbai’s monsoon season challenges. Stay updated with further developments as Mumbai continues to navigate through its monsoon cycle.

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