Mumbai’s topographic conditions play a decisive role in making the Central Railway more susceptible to flooding than the Western Railway.Mumbai’s topographic conditions play a decisive role in making the Central Railway more susceptible to flooding than the Western Railway.
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Mumbai’s monsoon woes were starkly evident recently as heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on the city’s Central Railway suburban services, particularly impacting low-lying areas like Chunabhatti. Even with minimal rainfall the following day, delays persisted, underscoring ongoing challenges faced by the Central Line.

Unlike the Western Railway, which enjoys higher mean sea levels at its stations, the Central Line traverses flood-prone zones, exacerbating issues during heavy downpours. Areas like Sion, Kurla, and Vikhroli are particularly vulnerable, with water drainage hampered by distance from the coast and infrastructural limitations.

Efforts to mitigate flooding at Chunabhatti include the deployment of powerful dewatering pumps. However, overflow from the nearby Mithi River and high tides have thwarted these efforts, leading to recurring disruptions. Railway officials, acknowledging the severity of the issue, are exploring long-term solutions, including elevating tracks.

Recently, Divisional Railway Manager Rajnish Goel visited Chunabhatti to assess the situation firsthand. Plans are underway to elevate tracks by 350 meters in both directions, a measure aimed at preventing future waterlogging incidents. While initial track lifting has begun, comprehensive planning is crucial to avoid disruptions to rail traffic and ensure effective drainage.

The decision to elevate tracks presents logistical challenges, requiring adjustments to platforms, overhead wires, and foot overbridges. Despite these complexities, railway authorities emphasize the necessity of proactive measures to safeguard commuter safety and service reliability.

Central Railway’s Chief Public Relations Officer, Swapnil Nila, emphasized the unprecedented nature of the recent deluge and reiterated the railway’s commitment to finding a sustainable solution. Discussions on further track elevation and comprehensive infrastructure adjustments are underway to address Chunabhatti’s recurrent flooding effectively.

As Mumbai prepares for future monsoon challenges, the railway’s proactive stance on infrastructure upgrades remains pivotal. Stay informed as developments unfold, paving the way for enhanced commuter experiences and resilient rail services in the face of adversity.

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