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Rohan Jaitley, President of the Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA), finds himself embroiled in yet another controversy as a new accusation of sexual abuse surfaces. The latest allegation involves an incident where a model, aspiring for an Emcee role during IPL matches, has accused Jaitley of sexual assault. This complaint has been filed with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), headed by Jay Shah.

This isn’t the first time such allegations have been brought against Jaitley. In a complaint obtained by News channels, earlier accusations from February 2023 had highlighted not only allegations of sexual abuse but also raised concerns about corrupt practices related to cricket stadium contracts. Despite previous complaints to the BCCI, no action was taken.

According to the recent complaint, a Mumbai-based Bengali-origin model alleges that in October 2022, Jaitley assaulted her at a South Mumbai hotel. She claimed that her interaction with Jaitley initially revolved around her interest in the Emcee position for IPL events. However, during a meeting at the hotel, Jaitley allegedly assaulted her, promising the job while making unwanted physical advances.

The model further alleged that Jaitley tried to silence her with monetary offers and emphasized his political and cricketing connections, warning her to keep quiet about the incident. Moreover, she accused Jaitley of attempting to re-engage her for the Emcee role in the subsequent IPL season, despite not fulfilling his previous promise.

Calling for Jaitley’s removal from the DDCA presidency, the model highlighted concerns about his misuse of power and urged BCCI intervention. She expressed readiness to provide additional evidence to substantiate the claims of sexual abuse.

This case not only spotlights Jaitley’s alleged misconduct but also raises broader questions about the state of cricket administration. It underlines the infiltration of powerful political figures within the sport’s management, tarnishing the game’s image with unsavory revelations about betting, misconduct, and misuse of authority.

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