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In a commendable display of rapid response and effective coordination, the Indian Navy’s naval warship, INS Visakhapatnam, recently came to the aid of a distressed vessel, MV Genco Picardy, following a drone attack in the Gulf of Aden.

The Marshall Island-flagged MV Genco Picardy raised a distress call after being targeted by a drone attack on Wednesday night. In a prompt and decisive move, INS Visakhapatnam, currently deployed for anti-piracy operations in the region, acknowledged the distress call and intercepted the vessel at 0030 hrs on January 18.

With 22 crew members onboard, including 9 Indians, MV Genco Picardy had caught fire due to the drone attack. Fortunately, no casualties were reported on the vessel, thanks to the swift response of INS Visakhapatnam.

The Indian Navy, in an official statement, shared details of the incident. “Indian Naval EOD specialists from INS Visakhapatnam boarded the vessel in the early hours of January 18, 2024, to inspect the damaged area. After a thorough inspection, the EOD specialists have rendered the area safe for further transit. The vessel is now proceeding to its next port of call.”

INS Visakhapatnam, a Visakhapatnam-class stealth guided-missile destroyer, is a flagship of its class. Commissioned on November 21, 2021, it stands as one of the largest destroyers currently in active service within the Indian Navy.

This incident highlights the critical role played by naval forces in ensuring the safety and security of vessels navigating through sensitive regions. The prompt action taken by INS Visakhapatnam not only prevented further escalation of the situation but also showcased the effectiveness of anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

As maritime threats evolve, the Indian Navy’s commitment to safeguarding international shipping lanes remains steadfast. The successful intervention in response to the drone attack on MV Genco Picardy is a testament to the professionalism and capabilities of the Indian Navy in addressing emergent challenges at sea.

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