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Introduction: Bollywood veteran Raveena Tandon, known for her outspoken nature, recently shared her perspectives on ageism in the film industry, gender pay disparity, and the trend of remixes. In an exclusive interaction with India Today, the accomplished actor discussed various aspects of the industry and her upcoming show, Karmma Calling.

Shelf Life of Actors: Reflecting on the differences between her era of actresses and the current scenario, Raveena pointed out the longer shelf life they enjoyed. She emphasized the enduring friendships among her co-stars and dismissed the notion that contemporary actors cannot maintain strong bonds. Raveena expressed her belief that bridging gender pay disparity is essential and highlighted the peculiar emphasis on ageism in the media. She mentioned how comparisons about age are frequently brought up for actresses like herself, Urmila, and Madhuri, whereas the same is not often said for male counterparts.

Gender Pay Disparity and Ageism: Addressing the persistent issues of gender pay disparity and ageism in Bollywood, Raveena stressed the urgency of closing the wage gap. She found it peculiar that ageism is magnified more in the media, with actresses like her, Urmila, and Madhuri consistently being targeted. Raveena firmly stated that their age is no secret, and it should not be a determining factor in assessing their talent. She called for a shift in the industry’s perception and stressed that talent should be the ultimate measure of an artist’s worth.

Remix Trend: Sharing her views on the trend of remixes in Bollywood songs, Raveena acknowledged it as a win-win situation. She appreciated how remixes breathe new life into classic songs, making them relevant for the younger generation. Raveena humorously noted that whenever a song is remixed, she ends up owning it all over again. Her perspective reflected the positive aspect of remixes, acknowledging their popularity and adaptation to contemporary tastes.

Conclusion: Raveena Tandon’s candid insights shed light on the challenges and peculiarities present in the Bollywood industry. As an advocate for change, she continues to be vocal about issues such as ageism and gender pay disparity, encouraging a more inclusive and equitable film industry for future generations.

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