Constructed in 1964, the Dehrang Dam, situated 15 kilometres from Panvel, spans 277 acresConstructed in 1964, the Dehrang Dam, situated 15 kilometres from Panvel, spans 277 acres
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Relief for Panvel Residents

Panvel residents breathed a sigh of relief as the recent heavy rains replenished the Dehrang Dam, prompting the Panvel Municipal Corporation (PMC) to lift water cuts in the city. The overflow from the dam has significantly boosted water levels, allowing the PMC to resume regular water supply operations.

Challenges Faced

The PMC, grappling with a daily demand of 32 million litres of water, had been facing challenges due to dwindling reserves at the Dehrang Dam. Irregular supply from external sources exacerbated the situation, leading to erratic water availability despite weekly cuts imposed earlier.

The Role of Dehrang Dam

Built in 1964 and located 15 kilometres from Panvel, the Dehrang Dam spans 277 acres, with 125 acres submerged under water. Over the years, sedimentation from the Matheran hills had reduced its storage capacity, necessitating urgent desilting measures to maintain its effectiveness.

“Atul Jaitpal, a social worker, emphasized, ‘The dam’s early filling is due to reduced capacity. Post-monsoon, the water level drastically drops, almost empty by April. It underscores the need for new water sources and repairs to CIDCO and MJP pipelines, which are prone to leaks.'”

Future Plans for Water Security

Vilas Chavan, PMC’s Deputy Engineer (Water Supply), acknowledged the temporary relief provided by the dam overflow but stressed the urgency of securing additional water sources to cater to Panvel’s growing population. Plans include sourcing water from the Dolwal Dam and Patalganga river to bolster the city’s water supply.

Government Initiatives and Projects

Under the guidance of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the Water Resources Department has approved 3.65mcm of water from the Patalganga River for drinking purposes, ensuring an additional 10MLD (Million Litres per Day) for Panvel. Final approvals and agreements are pending to implement this measure swiftly.

Regarding infrastructure improvements, Mr. Chavan highlighted ongoing efforts under Phase 3 of the Nhava Sheva water supply project. “The new water pipeline, connecting MJP and MIDC to PMC, is progressing and slated for completion by September,” he noted. “This upgrade will not only enhance water supply but also reduce pipeline leaks significantly.”


While the overflow from the Dehrang Dam provides immediate relief, long-term solutions are essential to address Panvel’s water challenges sustainably. With concerted efforts from local authorities and government initiatives, Panvel aims to secure reliable water access for its residents amidst ongoing urban growth and development.

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