Luv Sinha did not attend Sonakshi Sinha, Zaheer Iqbal's wedding.Luv Sinha did not attend Sonakshi Sinha, Zaheer Iqbal's wedding.
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The wedding bells rang for Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha and her longtime beau Zaheer Iqbal on June 23, marking a joyous occasion for the family. However, amidst the celebrations, Sonakshi’s brother, Luv Sinha, notably chose to skip the festivities, sparking curiosity and speculation.

Family Comes First

In a series of candid social media posts, Luv Sinha addressed the reasons behind his absence at his sister’s wedding. He shared an article from Telegraph India, reaffirming that family always takes precedence for him. “Why I chose not to attend. Running an online campaign against me on a false premise won’t change the fact that for me my family will always come first,” he asserted.

Unveiling Concerns

Luv didn’t shy away from hinting at the underlying issues that influenced his decision. He pointed out a specific paragraph from the article, highlighting concerns about Zaheer Iqbal’s father, Iqbal Ratansi. The paragraph raised questions about Ratansi’s business dealings and his connections, including his alleged ties to a politician under scrutiny by India’s Enforcement Directorate and his stint in Dubai. Luv Sinha’s post suggested discomfort with these aspects surrounding his sister’s new family.

Clear Standpoint

On Monday, Luv Sinha further clarified his stance, stating, “The reasons are very clear as to why I didn’t attend, and would not associate with some people no matter what.” He expressed gratitude towards the media for their diligent research, contrasting it with what he referred to as orchestrated narratives from PR machinery.

Family Support

While Luv Sinha opted out of attending, his parents, Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha, along with his twin brother, Kussh Sinha, graced the intimate ceremony held in Bandra, Mumbai. Their presence underscored familial unity despite Luv’s absence.

Health Concerns

Shortly after the wedding, Shatrughan Sinha was hospitalized in Mumbai due to a fever. Luv provided updates, clarifying that it wasn’t a surgical procedure but a precautionary measure for his father’s health and routine tests.

Moving Forward

Amidst the family’s personal developments, Sonakshi and Zaheer shared their love story, culminating in their marriage exactly seven years after they first met. They celebrated their journey together, expressing gratitude for familial blessings and support that led them to this milestone.


Luv Sinha’s decision to skip Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding has stirred discussion, highlighting personal values and familial dynamics in the public eye. As the family navigates these personal moments, their unity and individual choices reflect the complexities and bonds that define them.

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