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A recent image of traffic cops in Mumbai standing in the heavy downpour doing their duty has gone viral. Twitter has found new heroes.

Traffic Police constables doing their job during heavy rains

With heavy rains taking over Mumbai, schools and colleges have been shut, local railway routes have been closed, but there is one set of people who are still winning over the rains and doing their jobs.

A recent image of a traffic police constable in Mumbai wearing a raincoat and standing on the road amid a heavy downpour has been going viral and for all the right reasons.

The image that was shared by a Twitter user Godman Chikna was captioned, “Hero of the season #MumbaiRains.” Believe us this is the perfect caption for the image.

The picture perfectly captures the high intensity of the rain, with grey clouds in the backdrop. However, the focus of the image is on the two traffic police constables wearing neon orange raincoats and standing on the road trying to manage the traffic.

The two supermen are not bothered by the rain. Another important thing to notice in the image, is the fact that there is not one single soul standing in the rain apart from the two constables.

They don’t seem to be bothered by the rain, that has the entire Mumbai on a standstill.

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