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In a devastating update on the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Israeli army reported striking more than 500 targets in the blockaded and impoverished Gaza Strip during overnight clashes. The conflict shows no signs of abating as Israel’s military continues its relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip, with the death toll from the war against Palestinian militants soaring above 1,100.

Overnight clashes saw Israel intensify its strikes on the Gaza Strip, while fighting also persisted in seven to eight locations within Israel near the enclave. This escalation comes on the heels of a shocking attack by Hamas, during which they launched a barrage of rockets and sent fighters who targeted civilians and took at least 100 hostages, catching Israel off guard.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on the nation to brace themselves for what he anticipates will be a “long and challenging” conflict, following the barrage of thousands of rockets from Hamas and the wave of fighters who inflicted civilian casualties and hostage-taking.

The international community has also been deeply affected, with the United States confirming the loss of several American lives in the surprise land-sea-air attack on Israel. In response, the U.S. has ordered the deployment of warships and fighter jet squadrons to Israel. Tragically, Thailand has reported the deaths of 12 of its citizens and the kidnapping of 11 more in the conflict. Additionally, citizens from Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Nepal, and Ukraine have either lost their lives, been kidnapped, or are currently missing in the midst of this harrowing crisis.

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