missing boy, missing boy found, Bengaluru boy goes missing,Parinav was last spotted deboarding a bus in Bengaluru's Majestic area that evening.
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In a heartening turn of events, a 12-year-old boy who went missing from Bengaluru on Sunday has been located at a metro station in Hyderabad, approximately 570 km away, on Wednesday morning. Parinav, a Class 6 student at Deens Academy, managed to evade authorities for three days, changing locations before they could catch up with him.

The sequence of events began when Parinav was observed leaving a coaching center in Whitefield around 11 am, followed by a sighting at a petrol pump near Yemlur at 3 pm. His last known location was when he disembarked from a bus that evening at Bengaluru’s Majestic bus terminus, a central hub connecting the city to various corners of Karnataka.

Concerned parents took to social media to seek assistance in locating their child. An online request, along with CCTV footage showing him walking across a road, triggered a widespread effort on social media, with some individuals volunteering to physically search Majestic. His mother also posted a video, appealing for his safe return.

The collective efforts on social media played a crucial role, leading a passenger to identify the boy in the metro. Upon confrontation, Parinav confirmed his identity and was apprehended at Nampally metro station in Hyderabad on Wednesday night, marking the end of a three-night ordeal.

The boy’s parents have been notified and are en route to Hyderabad. Sukesh, the boy’s father, expressed gratitude to the nameless strangers who contributed to finding his son, emphasizing that without the widespread dissemination of his picture, the individual in Hyderabad might not have intervened.

Parinav’s mother also confirmed the good news, expressing thanks to everyone involved in the search. She reassured that her son is safe, and they are on their way to pick him up.

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