illegal structures, Mira Road, Ram Mandir rally, stone-pelting incident,Maha govt razes illegal structures after stone-pelting incident during Ram Mandir rally in Mumbai
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In the wake of violent clashes during a Ram Temple rally in Mira Road, near Mumbai, the Maharashtra government initiated the demolition of illegal structures and encroachments on Tuesday. The move, announced by the government of Eknath Shinde, specifically targeted locations where stones were thrown during a Hindu procession on Monday.

This swift action comes a day after Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, issued a stern warning against rioters. The violence on Monday resulted in injuries to an undisclosed number of processionists and police officers responsible for securing the march.

To prevent further incidents, a substantial deployment of police officers, including a Rapid Action Force (RAF) team, was stationed in the area. The police reported that the altercation originated in the Naya Nagar neighborhood, where Hindus staged a rally with three to four vehicles and banners.

According to the police account, a group wielding iron rods, sticks, and bats attacked the driver of a car, three other vehicles, and ten two-wheelers in the procession, while chanting religious slogans. The clash was captured in multiple videos that went viral on social media, depicting tensions between two communities in the Mumbai neighborhood of Mira Road.

A senior Mumbai police official noted that an image of Abu Shaikh, perceived provocatively by onlookers, also went viral. The uploader of this video has been taken into custody, and the Mira Bhayander police have requested a two-day stay.

Furthermore, the police detained 13 individuals after filing a report alleging that 50–60 people had attempted murder. This incident unfolded on the night preceding the consecration ceremony of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir.

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